DoorBadge was created after the unexpected death of a family member. The shoebox full of thank you cards, and the mountain of flowers, were amazing and yet overwhelming at the same time. DoorBadge provides the platform to bring all of this together in a clean, easy to use framework that allows for families to have more time together and less time wading through the monumental task of thanking everyone for their love and support.

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One Platform For Handling Gifts Received


Understanding your clients, and providing the perfect solution, is the best way to make the grieving process a little easier for them. The reputation of your facility depends on it. That is why DoorBadge seeks to help you, help your clients, by providing a solution that extends beyond your doorframe. DoorBadge provides you with the solution to the overwhelming task the thank you process can be after the whirlwind of events that occur during a funeral.


Here at DoorBadge, we understand the chaos that can come after the whirlwind of a loved one’s funeral or life celebration. That chaos is what led us to create DoorBadge. Our goal is to ensure you have the easiest time possible showing your appreciation for those that loved your special someone. The grieving process is hard enough, the thank you side should be easy.


Thank you for your love and support. We appreciate you. Please add your special story to the memory book. Our family’s would love to hear about your personal relationship.